Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

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Mar 01, 2023

Genuine leadership is a leadership style characterized by leaders who are truthful, self-aware, and guided by their moral compass.

Genuine leadership has existed for millennia, but it was popularized in the early 2000s by Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic, in his book titled "Authentic Leadership."

Today, authentic leadership is essential because employees desire to work with leaders they can respect and trust. Genuine leaders establish a culture of openness, cultivate solid relationships with their people, and lead by example.

Unexpected studies from the fields of psychology and neuroscience indicate that Genuine leadership is associated with greater employee engagement, job satisfaction, and performance. When leaders are open, they foster a sense of psychological safety that encourages employees to share their ideas and thoughts.

Genuine leadership is utilized by effective leaders to establish stronger teams by fostering a culture of trust and respect. Genuine leaders listen to their people, provide feedback and mentoring, and delegate decision-making authority to them.

Regrettably, Genuine leadership is not practiced by many organizations. According to research, many employees believe their bosses are not transparent or trustworthy, which can result in disengagement and turnover.

Genuine leadership is more crucial in the setting of a disengaged workforce because it facilitates a greater connection between leaders and their employees. When employees perceive their leaders to be genuine and dependable, they are more likely to feel engaged and devoted to their task.

By providing tools for self-reflection, feedback, and coaching, technology can aid in the development of authentic leadership. For instance, leaders can utilize digital platforms to request feedback from their colleagues, monitor their success, and have access to tools to enhance their leadership skills.