Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading source of cutting-edge research & innovation for HR professionals and organizations looking to infuse wellness into their workforces and work environments by using people science. Through our research & publication, we strive to promote the use of evidence-based strategies to drive happier, healthier, more diverse and more engaged teams - what we consider the workplace of tomorrow. We believe that by working with HR professionals to co-create the future of work, we can help organizations achieve their full potential and build a better world.

Why this is important for the world

HR has been disrupted by technology and science just like other spaces - but in slightly different way. On one hand, much of the classic thinking in HR is rooted in psychological theory already. On the other hand, the moral imperative to use solutions that work is much higher when the outcomes are related to employee wellness & equity. The combination of these factors has caused very different approaches to adopting science in HR - with some organizations going very far to align with scientific consensus & data, while others resist it, believing that they're already doing their best.

However, workforce trends are increasingly pushing even the slowest adopters to turn to more evidence based practices. Making the wrong hire or making the right one and then treating them poorly is more expensive and, more importantly, more preventable (and therefore more of a moral imperative to prevent) than ever before.

In this brief, we explore some of the trends in evidence-based HR, or "People Science" - looking at why they're occurring and where they might leave our space in the next 5 years. The pieces showcased below explore different aspects of this issue, hopefully providing a helpful guide to HR professionals looking to double down on the use of a scientific approach in the ideation, implementation & measurement of workplace policies.